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Okinawan Kempo Summer Camp – Zakopane – July 2017

Okinawan Kempo Summer Camp

 Zakopane (Poland) 25-30.07.2017r.


This year’s camp Okinawan Kempo passed in a fantastic mountain climate – in the Central Sports Center in Zakopane. The weather was encouraging, so some of the training was on open-air. Every day, three trainings took place, but as it happens in camps – additional trainings also took place in the meantime, in various groups and locations in COS.

Throughout all these training days we had the opportunity to learn new techniques from Kyoshi, and deepened our knowledge of kata and kobudo. We received a lot of knowledge about the use of Tan Bo, Bo, Sai, and also practiced various techniques, including ground floor techniques. We also had the opportunity to share our thoughts and knowledge with other participants and to ask Kyoshi for everything that was not clear for us. It was a good time to talk with the camp participants from the US, Czech, Israeli or Kazakh and relax after a busy days.

During the camp, there was also a master’s degree exam – all with the positive results. We sincerely congratulate all who have got a new or next one master degree!

Thank you very much Kyoshi for another fantastic grouping and the knowledge that we patiently convey, often by step by step, by further techniques and cases.

Thank you to everyone involved in organizing the camp – without them the whole event would have no chance. We would also like to thank all the participants for always having a unique international atmosphere to which we often want to return, helping with learning and understanding techniques and sharing our experience with others.

We invite you to photorelation below.


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