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Learn the original Life Protection Art from one of the most feared warrior clans on Okinawa, to whom the safety of the Okinawan King and Shuri castle was entrusted.
After centuries of preserving their fighting art only within the clan,
their techniques were made public little by little by the late Taika Seiyu Oyata.
The clan was especially known for fighting with Bo and Sai and their empty hand Tuite techniques.

Karate general information

Each combat system is different but based on similar assumptions and each of them should be properly interpreted. Fighting – as Karate teaches, it is not about destroying, hurting or killing, but on the contrary, is meant to protect life. This protection can be multidimensional if the training is carried out correctly. Training Karate will not only allow you to defend yourself when your life is at risk, but also help the body’s fitness through “Healthy” exercises.

What is Okinawan Kempo?

Okinawan Kempo, like any other Karate system teaches a variety of defense techniques, but there’s no merely repeating techniques without understanding where its roots lie. In Okinawan Kempo all techniques, blocks, hitting and joint locks are derived from Kata and technical foundations. In this Karate system, we take the opposite direction than most other systems – we learn Kata to be able to construct from single movements, the technique we want to perform. In most other systems, the emphasis on Kata is not as great as in Okinawan Kempo. Our emphasis on Kata is because of simple logic – it is easier to write a word knowing the alphabet than to make the alphabet from words and put the letters in random order. That is how Kata works in our system – it is an alphabet from which we can later form any word or even sentence. This way of teaching results in maximum precision in performing and combining defense techniques.

Okinawan Kempo System – for whom?

For everyone. The system is effective regardless of strength, weight, size or age. No specific strength is required here, because the secret lies in the fine-tuning of the technique. Also, maximum stretching capacity is not necessary because the techniques can be tailor-made to fit the adept’s physical possibilities, without compromising on performance.

What can you gain by training Okinawan Kempo?

Okinawan Kempo training is designed to avoid injuries and support the overall development of the body. Besides caring for health and life, Karate also gives us the opportunity to focus on our spiritual and physical path. Okinawan Kempo training has a positive effect on fitness, health, physical fitness, coordination, well-being and self-confidence. It is hard to describe here all the benefits that can be gained from a well-conducted training, so let’s talk about what Okinawan Kempo teaches:

  • self-defense – independent and effective counter against oppression
  • self-control
  • responsibility
  • balance
  • dignity
  • discipline
  • humility
  • dealing with stress or anxiety
  • respect for yourself and others
  • recommended for the prevention and treatment of scoliosis
  • quick reaction to the attack

Can children train Okinawan Kempo?

Of course, it’s a sport especially suitable for kids. In the age of TV, computers and the internet, it is a great afterschool activity, which will keep children healthy, maintain and improve their health, fitness, balance and interpersonal relationships. A physical friend will always be better than the virtual world. In the Karate classroom, children can gain new friendships. Okinawan Kempo classes will also allow them to unload excess youth energy and sometimes even aggression. Not many people know that Karate improves bilateral body coordination and has a significant impact on the proper development of the brain function. This discipline of sport is even recommended for children with dyslexia, dysgraphia and children who have problems with attention. In addition to this, these types of sports have more advantages for young adepts:

  • character shaping
  • improvement of concentration
  • improved memory
  • overcoming one’s weaknesses
  • making friends
  • improving interpersonal skills

All the above points will also be a strong foundation for future successes in private, sporting and professional life.

Yes, Okinawan Kempo has a lot to offer to modern women. In uncertain and dangerous times, security is very important, and women – mistakenly considered weak – are exposed to assault attempts for various reasons. Women who practise Okinawan Kempo, can easily match the technique and effectiveness of men. Regular training will bring women:

  • self-defense skill
  • quick reaction to the attack
  • strength, flexibility, fitness, efficiency
  • mastering difficult situations and rational thinking in the moment of danger
  • slim body and well-being

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the art of Okinawan Kempo on the practical side. Apart from activities in the centers we organize open trainings, weekend seminars and camps of Okinawan Kempo in Poland, USA, Israel and the Czech Republic.