Zdjęcie grupowe na obozie Okinawan Kempo - Czechy
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Instructor Niamh Cawley

Niamh Cawley 7th Degree Black Belt, Shin Shu Ho member

Niamh has studied, practiced and taught martial arts for close to 30 years. Niamh grew up in Ireland and while attending college, trained in Shaolin Kung Fu and Lau Gar Kickboxing. After coming to the United States for graduate school, he continued his training in martial arts by studying Shotokan karate, earning his brown belt. Niamh started training with Kyoshi Polander in 1993, earning his black belt in front of Taika Oyata in 1997, and has not looked back since. As a scientist, Niamh views the technical details of authentic Okinawan martial arts taught by Taika Oyata, and Kyoshi Polander, one of Taika’s senior students, as fundamental to understanding body mechanics and the essence of an ancient art on the verge of being lost. Niamh is very happy to share his passion for martial arts with his wife, Helen, another long-time student and instructor here at Polander Academy.

Come train in his Thursday class!