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Okinawan Kempo Seminar – Warsaw- April 2017

Okinawan Kempo Seminar

with Kyoshi Piotr Ciećwierz 8 Dan

7-9 April 2017 – Warsaw

On April 7-9, Okinawan Kempo’s internship, led by Kyoshi Petr Couture, 8 Dan Okinawan Kempo, took place in Warsaw. During the three days of training all participants were able to read not only new techniques, weapons, details contained in the kata but also to rediscover the history of our system. Kyoshi, in addition to practical exercises, has conducted an inspirational and interesting lecture on the history of our art and the Masters from which he studied Seiyu Taika Oyata. In all 5 trainings, all participants received a huge amount of knowledge from Kyoshi, who should now be practicing well before the big steps of the Zakopane camp.

We thank Kyoshi for being another rich in knowledge and excitement internship. Great thanks to the organizers and instructors for the great workouts and help in acquiring new knowledge as well as for all participants for always having a good atmosphere in and outside the training.

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